Your warehouse holds something
more valuable than inventory.

It holds opportunity.

An opportunity to drive more productivity.

An opportunity to modernize with automation and compete to win.

Seize your opportunity in today’s business environment

We put robotic automation solutions within reach of midsize warehouses. And you don’t need robotics experts on your team. That’s what we’re here for.

In a manual (non-automated) warehouse a picker walks an about 12-15 miles per shift. MobileShelf eliminates this time-intensive step from your workflow process entirely. Automating this process is a game-changer for your business.

Benefits of a Prime Robotics Automated Warehouse

An 8-10x boost in productivity is just the start

  • Affordable – typical Payback is one year
  • Integrates easily with virtually all WMS, OMS and ERP systems
  • Easy for workers learn in a few days
  • Infinitely flexible and scalable
  • Implementation has minimal impact operations
  • Dramatically reduces burden on workers

Let us be your hands-on optimization experts

We take a consultative approach because no two warehouse operations are the same. There’s power in bringing together best-in-class robotic technology, rock solid software, and the right people.

Our deep experience in warehouse management systems and software integrations set us apart from robot hardware-centric competitors. We empower companies that often lack a deep bench of optimization and automation experts so they can compete in an industry where the mantra is ‘automate or die.’

First, we listen. Our full-view approach means we identify all the areas across your operation that can be optimized. Then we design a tailored robotic automation solution that builds on these new-found efficiencies.

We’re your automation partner for the long haul. who never stops finding new ways to make your warehouse operate better and faster. And our dedicated Customer Support team is monitoring your robots 24/7 so you’re always covered.

Get your Robotics ROI

Learn how much you can boost your operation’s productivity. Use our ROI Estimator Tool to see what adding robots can do and your estimated cost. Go to ROI Tool

See what goes into a Warehouse Robotics Deployment
Join our Webinar we hold 2 days/week, To see how robots are implemented and how to predict your boost in productivity & payback when you add robotic automation.

3 Ways Automation Grows your Bottom Line

Speed up Picking

Expect to increase picking 8-10x. This means you can start fulfilling and shipping an order within hours of receiving it. The business impact is real: less demand on workers, higher productivity and the peace of mind that you can say yes to new business, confident your operation can keep up.

Scale (and Future-Proof) your Operation

Increase capacity or throughput by simply adding more robot hardware. Your Prime Robot Control System is built to be infinitely scalable. And we have more robot products on the way, and they too will be managed by our RCS. Our promise is that our system will always flex and scale to support more Prime Robotics robots.

Better Utilize your Current Footprint

When we say we design a more efficient warehouse, we mean it. Because workers don’t have to navigate inventory aisles, aisles now only need to be the width of a robot (our robots operate with to-the-inch accuracy). Our customers find they can stock up to 50% more inventory in the same footprint utilizing our robots and shelving.

Customer Success

Midsize wholesale & e-commerce retailer deploys MobileShelf robot solution

  • Increased orders fulfilled/day by 4x in Month One
  • Integrated with SAP
  • Implemented in 14 days

“I would tell anyone it’s reliable, well-built and just works. Come to Philly to see my operation for yourself.”

– Eugene Khorosh, President & Founder
McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Multiple Robots Work in Concert in a Warehouse Environment

Our Prime Workflow Builder tool designs workflow processes executed by our Robot Control System (RCS). The RCS manages all robot processes and synchronizes all robots in the warehouse to work in concert. A solution may include Prime Robotics’ suite of MobileShelf,  MobilePallet, AutoJack, and MobileConveyor robots.

The fastest robotic picking AMR solution.

  • Workers can make 300-350 picks per hour
  • Dramatically reduces demand for manual labor
  • Training is fast and it’s easy to operate
  • Deploy with minimal operation disruption
Warehouse Robotic Automation MobileShelf
MobilePallet for warehouse automation pallet moving

Automate pallet moving to increase warehouse efficiency.

  • Dramatically reduce demand for forklifts and number of human touches.
  • MobilePallet and MobileShelf can work in concert to create a highly efficient automated warehouse.

Implementation of a Prime Robotics Automation Solution

If you’re thinking about robotic automation, here’s what you can  expect.

Planning Phase
This is when we make our first onsite visit to dig into your operation and document your current workflow processes, then we come back to you with the output of our Prime Robotics Workflow Builder, which takes in hundreds of pieces of data about your operation to create an optimized workflow that includes the optimal number of robots. You get a visual representation of how your warehouse can operate at its highest efficiency.

This detailed view of your automated warehouse makes it easy to calculate your new pick rate and the number of orders per day you can fulfill with confidence. We’ll show you what happens to productivity if you were to add more Pick Stations, shifts or other robots – such as our MobileShelf pallet mover.

Now’s the time look ahead. What opportunities would you take advantage of if you had no capacity limitations? We think big and so can you.

Whether you use a top WMS or a home-grown version, integration with your current software is straightforward, after all our background is in enterprise-class warehouse systems integration! Our Robot Control System (RSC) interfaces with your WMS, uniting your inventory and order data with the robots. On-site tasks are straightforward, we apply fiducials to your warehouse floor. Our robots use these to navigate. Next we install shelves made for the MobileShelf robot and the shelves are filled with inventory. We add the Pick Station(s) designed for robot-assisted order filling. Lastly, we add robot charging stations; a robot will automatically navigate to a charging station when their battery runs low.

Our Team trains your team to use the RCS, and we begin test phase with 50 actual outbound orders and then slowly increase the number of orders. Within a week or two your team’s confidence in the system allows you to move 100% of your inventory and orders into the RCS system, and your robotic automation deployment is complete. We lead this process and ensure there is minimal interruption on your operation.

Let’s talk

If you want to see how to boost productivity in your warehouse, we’re here. Let’s start a conversation.

Steve Hobbs,
Automation Consultant