Headquartered in Denver, Colorado

We Design Warehouse Robots

Our robots are manufactured in Denver

We bring the human side to robotics. We have a genuine interest in driving your company’s productivity to new limits.

Prime Robotics designs optimized automation solutions that leverage best-in-class warehouse robots and powerful software to deliver an 8 – 10x increase in productivity.

We’re full-view warehouse optimization experts. The first thing we do delve into our customer’s unique operation to ID all the process workflows that can be more efficient. Then we develop a custom robotic automation solution that builds on these new-found efficiencies. The result is a productivity gain beyond what’s possible by simply adding robots.

What sets us apart is our combination of best-in-class robotic technology plus our deep expertise optimizing warehouse processes, developing warehouse management systems (WMS) and orchestrating complex software integrations.  This is what sets us apart from our robot hardware-centric competitors.

We’re a trusted partner at a time when warehouse operators are facing the imperative ‘automate or die.’ We help companies that may lack a bench of in-house optimization and automation experts to punch above their weight. Our 24/7 customer support means a real person picks up the phone every time. We continually monitor every robot and can make a correction remotely, without our customer ever knowing.

Prime Robotics brings the human side to robotics.

We dream big and we never stop.

At Prime Robotics, we envision autonomous robots for the entire supply chain. We see robotic automation solutions that drive inventory from the warehouse, onto the truck, then onto the store floor – they’re in development now at our Denver, Colorado headquarters.

CEO Prime Robotics - robotic automationAbout Founder & CEO Eric Rongley 

Erics an industry pioneer who has driven warehouse efficiency and supply chain innovation for more than twenty years. He created Prime Robotics to bring together best-in-class robotics and unparalled expertise in warehouse optimization and logistics. He’s not afraid to break some rules and shift some paradigms in order to find efficiencies that will give companies an edge.

The first company Eric founded built enterprise-class supply chain, warehouse management and e-commerce solutions for Fortune 5000 companies including Walmart, Disney, Menards, Armstrong, Oreily’s Auto Parts and Amway. Bleum also developed custom warehouse management software for WMS market leader Blue Yonder (formerly JDA), and developed and deployed multiple WMS solutions for third party logistics (3PL) provider NetLogistics.

With the never satisfied mindset of a true entrepreneur, Eric has one eye on what’s next: smart robots that navigate the supply chain autonomously without boundaries – whether moving products across town or around the world.


Who we are is also how we work.

We’re Straight Talkers. We will always be transparent. It’s the best way to grow a relationship.

We’re Innovators. We’re bold and never stop dreaming up ways to do everything better.

We’re your Partner. We’ve got your back for the long haul. You can reach us every time.