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Prime Robotics Robot Road Map

Our teams at Prime Robotics pride ourselves on delivering transformative solutions that create untapped efficiencies for the warehousing, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, and Distribution industries. Our robotic solutions are purpose-built and highly productive. From state-of-the-art hardware to intuitive software and customizable workflows, we never stop creating for our clients.

We create all Prime Robotics robots to operate using our universal Robot Control System (RCS). New products can be added easily to new or existing workflows using our Prime Workflow Builder tool. This flexibility to scale as needed is vital to warehouses focused on continual efficiency improvement. Our goal is to automate every process to reach peak efficiency, and our new product development is driven by what we hear firsthand from our customers.

Robot Hardware Road Map

Case Picking Arm

Prime Robotics is developing a case picking arm for multiple clients who want to integrate their MobilePallet solutions with a case picking arm for maximum efficiency. This robot will be a flagship addition to Prime Robotics suite of warehouse automation, and we’re pushing to have this in market in early 2022.

MobileConveyor C-1000

Prime Robotics is developing a MobileConveyor which will integrate with our entire suite of automation solutions. From managing toes to boxes to eaches, MobileConveyor will add new levels of efficiency for warehouse, E-Commerce and manufacturing supply chain logistics. We’re working hard to push this to market in mid-2022.


The Autonomous Shelf is a smart, autonomous warehouse robot that is a mobile vehicle that can take your inventory virtually anywhere. It can take it from a warehouse, onto a truck, then to a store floor where shoppers can select an item. Prime Robotics is developing AutoShelf, which will be able to integrate with our entire suite of automation solutions. AutoShelf is scheduled for release in 2022.

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