Robotic Automation
for factories re-imagined.

Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) bring flexibility and scalability traditional AGV’s cannot provide

Our robotic automation for the factory solution is a more flexible robotic automation that can easily adapt to new tasks

Factories around the world are experiencing market pressures to produce more, with fewer resources and be more flexible.

Historically the needs for automated movement in factories have been handled by AGV’s (Automatic Guided Vehicles) that are guided by magnetic tape or magnetic beacons that must embedded in the floor. These systems work, but are inflexible.

Advances in Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) out-perform current AGVs

MobileShelf offers factory operators many benefits:

  • Flexible. Redesign the workflow of MobileShelf is easy
  • Scalable. It is easy to add more robots to an MobileShelf fleet to reduce wait times when bottlenecks are encountered
  • Easy to operate. Because MobileShelf can navigate freely, the user interface to design a map or workflow is a simple point and click interface as opposed to the hours of programming that is often necessary for AGVs
  • Lower cost than AGV’s. MobileShelf is less expensive than AGV’s, which are typically highly-customized for a specific task. MobileShelf has a lower cost per robot.

Let us be your hands-on optimization experts

We take a consultative approach because no two warehouses operations are the same. There’s power in bringing together best-in-class robotic technology, rock solid software, and the right people.

Our deep experience in warehouse management systems and software integrations set us apart from robot hardware-centric competitors. We empower companies that often lack a deep bench of optimization and automation experts so they can compete in an industry where the mantra is ‘automate or die.’

First, we listen. Our full-view approach means we identify all the areas across your operation that can be optimized. Then we design a tailored robotic automation solution that builds on these new-found efficiencies.

We’re your automation partner for the long haul. who never stops finding new ways to make your warehouse operate better and faster. And our dedicated Customer Support team is monitoring your robots 24/7 so you’re always covered.

MobileShelf is the fastest robotic picking AMR for factories today.

MobileShelf is Ideal for These Critical Factory Workflows

The Factory Warehouse

MobileShelf delivers parts from the warehouse to the assembly line. This can be a single movement or a workflow with several stops along the robot’s route. Mobile Shelf can even be programed to bring a rack to a point on your assembly line, drop it, and then wait nearby for a command to continue the route.

Assembly Line Automation

Often assembly lines have breaks in movement where goods are being made at one machine and then need to be taken to another for further processing. MobileShelf factory robots can be easily programmed to automatically trigger a full rack of goods be taken to the next machine, while at the same time and an empty MobileShelf arrive without any delay in the process.

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Steve Hobbs,
Automation Consultant