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Robotic Automation
for Convenience Store Distributors

Invest in growing your margin.

We Design Purpose-Built Solutions for C-Store Distribution Facilities

Our fully-customizable robotic solution automates workflows from receiving, to picking to staging to delivery.
Leverage robotic automation to reduce the number of human touches to speed your workflows and drive efficiency.

And you don’t need robotics experts on your team. That’s what we’re here for.

The Benefits of an Automated Warehouse

  • Faster picking: 8-10x productivity boost
  • Reduce labor by 60-80%
  • Reduce forklift usage
  • Tax Stamp more efficiently
  • Improve accuracy to 99.9%
  • Reduce time spent training

A Few Solutions for the C-Store Warehouse

  • Pick to pallets, Coolifts or totes
  • Easily handle tobacco stamping workflows
  • Pallet platforms customized to carry Coolifts within your warehouse
  • You can synchronize order building with delivery schedules
  • Multiple pick lines possible by SKU category such as Beverage, Sundry, Tobacco, Cold Chain
  • Establish Shelf Life picking conditions

Prime Workflow Builder Tool Tailors Robot Behavior To Optimize Workflows

Our customizable, automated workflows optimize typical c-store workflows:

  • Want to  embrace robotic automation to maximize efficiency?
  • Want to minimize change and have the robots adapt to how you work?
  •  Do you deliver to stores on pallets, hand trucks or Coolifts?

Workflow Templates for C-Store Processes

  • Receiving pallets
  • Depalletizing
  • Tobacco Stamping
  • Piece-picking to totes
  • Order parts merging
  • Cold chain
  • Pallet wrapping
  • CoolLift packing/staging
  • Sequenced order processing: Synchronize just-in-time order completion with route scheduling
  • Synchronized picking: Heavy items picked first and lighter items can be stacked on top
  • Automated delivery of assembled orders to the loading dock

Multiple Robots Work in Concert in a C-Store Distribution Environment

Our Prime Workflow Builder tool designs workflow processes executed by our Robot Control System (RCS). The RCS manages all robot processes and synchronizes all robots in the warehouse to work in concert. A solution may include Prime Robotics’ suite of MobileShelf,  MobilePallet, AutoJack, and MobileConveyor robots.

The fastest robotic picking AMR solution.

  • Workers can make 300-350 picks per hour
  • Dramatically reduces demand for manual labor
  • Training is fast and it’s easy to operate
  • Deploy with minimal operation disruption
Warehouse Robotic Automation MobileShelf
MobilePallet for warehouse automation pallet moving

Automate pallet moving to increase warehouse efficiency.

  • Dramatically reduce demand for forklifts and number of human touches.
  • MobilePallet and MobileShelf can work in concert to create a highly efficient automated warehouse.


  • Dramatically reduce number of forklifts needed
  • Can carry pallets to store or bring to stafing
  • Can carry 1-2 Coolift platforms with totes
Warehouse automation robots for 2021 - Coolift pallet robot

Our Partners

Convenience Distributors Association
Highjump software robotics integration partner
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Manhattan WMS robotics integration partner
JDA Partner

Coolift platforms by Magliner

Lightweight platorms used by beverage and convenience distributors. Our MobileShelf and MobilePallet robots can carry 1-2 Coolifts.

Omnitracs Certified Integration Partner

Able to coordinate robot-enabled pick orders with arrival schedules of trucks to your docks. We can help you move to a 24/7 production schedule to dramatically reduce the need for staffed dock bays.


Our RCS and our solutions may include Cubiscan models. We may incorporate them on a conveyor line of inbound boxes so or use them on the side for just capturing real data and images for new SKUs.  When Prime’s system has accurate weights and dimensions for objects being stored,  cube space within the robotic system and cartonization is optimized. Possible to accurately predict when it’s time for another tote when doing piece picking, or a new pallet when doing case picking.

Implementation of a Prime Robotics Automation Solution


Whether you use a top WMS or a home-grown version, integration with your current software is straightforward, after all our background is in enterprise-class warehouse systems integration! Our Robot Control System (RSC) interfaces with your WMS, uniting your inventory and order data with the robots. On-site tasks are straightforward, we apply fiducials to your warehouse floor. Our robots use these to navigate. Next we install shelves made for the MobileShelf robot and the shelves are filled with inventory. We add the Pick Station(s) designed for robot-assisted order filling. Lastly, we add robot charging stations; a robot will automatically navigate to a charging station when their battery runs low.

Our Team trains your team to use the RCS, and we begin test phase with 50 actual outbound orders and then slowly increase the number of orders. Within a week or two your team’s confidence in the system allows you to move 100% of your inventory and orders into the RCS system, and your robotic automation deployment is complete. We lead this process and ensure there is minimal interruption on your operation.

Planning Phase
First we ask a lot of questions and dig into your operation. Then an onsite visit allows us to document your current workflow processes, then we come back to you with the output of our Prime Workflow Builder, which takes in hundreds of pieces of data about your operation to create an optimized workflow that includes the optimal number of robots. You get a visual representation of how your warehouse can operate at its highest efficiency.

This detailed view of your automated warehouse makes it easy to calculate your new pick rate and the number of orders per day you can fulfill with confidence. We’ll show you what happens to productivity if you were to add more Pick Stations, shifts or other robots – such as our MobileShelf pallet mover.

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Steve Hobbs,
Automation Consultant