MobilePallet warehouse robotic automation

Best-In-Class AMR

Warehouse Pallet Robots

Effortlessly move up to 3,300 lbs. around your warehouse.

Warehouse Robotic Automation Moves Pallets With Ease

Use MobilePallet alone or as part your automated warehouse

MobilePallet leverages the same best-in-class AMR technology as our MobileShelf robot. Our pallet movers are faster and more efficient than any on the market. MobilePallet receives pallet from the truck by forklift, then moves it autonomously to storage, then can access it quickly to bring to a pick station or staging area as needed. MobilePallet dramatically reduces the number of human touches as a pallet moves through the warehouse.

MobilePallet and MobileShelf can work together in concert to create a highly efficient automated warehouse where workflow processes are fully optimized.

MobilePallet is just one way can help you automate warehouse. Learn what’s possible.

See MobilePallet in Action

MobilePallet dramatically increases productivity by reducing the number of human touches required when a pallet arrives at the warehouse.  Trucks can load and unload faster, pallets can be moved into inventory faster, and now its possible to turn inventory faster.

Benefits of Pallet-Moving Robots in the Warehouse

Saves Time

  • Load & unload trucks faster
  • Move pallets without humans
  • Sequence movements for more efficiency

Reduces Labor Costs

  • Fewer forklift drivers needed
  • Fewer pickers needed
  • Robots work 24 hour shifts

Scalable & Customizable

  • Automate more areas of your process
  • Scale capacity up & down on demand
  • Increase velocity – turn inventory faster

How MobilePallet Works

A forklift loads a pallet onto a platform carried by a MobilePallet robot. Now the pallet becomes highly mobile; the robot takes instruction from the Robot Control System (RCS).  It can move its load to a storage location or any other desired location in the warehouse. The robot moves unsupervised through the warehouse. Sophisticated location and safety technology enables it to detect obstacles or pause for a person to cross its path.

Once MobilePallet has arrived at its destination, the robot sets down the platform holding the pallet load at its storage location, and then departs to be at-the-ready for its next mission. Now part of inventory, when the pallet is needed, a MobilePallet robot brings it to a Pick Station, staging area or other destination.

Easily moving heavy, cumbersome pallets through the warehouse unsupervised increases efficiency and reduces the labor required. Fewer forklifts are needed and workflows are streamlined. MobilePallet robots automatically go to a recharge station when their battery is low and can operate 24-hour shifts.

Create a seamlessly automated warehouse. MobilePallet and MobileShelf can work in concert to create an automated warehouse environment that is more efficient and less physically taxing on workers. They are controlled by our RCS that integrates with virtually any warehouse management system (WMS) to improve productivity at every stage — from inventory inbounding to order picking.

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MobilePallet MP3300

Applications: Warehouses, Manufacturing, Truck Loading/Unloading.

The MobilePallet 3300 is a heavy-duty turret able to lift up to 3,300 lbs (1,500 kg).  The robot navigates by fiducials affixed to the floor at a speed of 2.25 mph. It’s able to transport pallets in two ways. A pallet can be first placed onto a Pallet Platform and then MobilePallet Robot drives under the Platform and  lifts the platform and pallet, taking the load to its destination where it sets down the platform with pallet and leaves.

Pallets can also be loaded directly onto the MobilePallet turret for for transport from A to B. Prime Robotics’ Pallet Lifter is not mobile, but easily lifts a pallet that’s been placed on it off the ground so ta MoblePallet Robot can drive under the pallet and it pick up.

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