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Warehouse Pallet Mover

MobilePallet warehouse robotic automationWarehouse Robotic automation

Reduce Touches & Effortlessly Move 4,400 Pounds!

Built Like A Tank

Tough, durable and fast. MobilePallet can move 4,400 pounds of product and is the preferred solution for mid- and heavy-weight pallet transportation. 

Robot Sequencing – Save Time & Maximize Efficiency

Easily sequence your MobilePallet fleet (Or integrate MobileShelf too…) for maximum efficiency and increased ROI. MobilePallet can run 5 or 500 robots simultaneously, allowing you to run your warehouse 24/7, 7 days a week!

Product-Facing Optimization

It’s the little things that make the difference in warehouse efficiency. Our robotic hardware and software continually optimizes itself to know your inventory intimately, so your operations are always getting smarter and more efficient, as new workflows and processes are established.

Customized Pallet Station Configurations

All Prime Robotics solutions work in concert with each other for maximum warehouse productivityMobilePalletMobileShelf, Software, and a variety of customizable pick stations work seamlessly to create new workflows for Receiving, Put-Away, Picking, Packing, Dispatching and Returns.  

Warehouse Arm Integration

MobilePallet can integrate with most industry-leading Robotic Arms to provide high efficiency, flexibility and enhanced pick and place capabilities. 

Forklift App Integration

Imagine your forklifts, robots and humans all speaking the same language. With our Forklift App, you can now sync your forklift and robotic orders together to maximize space, time and movement. 


MobileShelf platforms are designed to center pallets for maxim speed and weight management. 

Software – Simple & Intuitive

Our software is built specifically for warehouse automation management. We can integrate with any WMS or ERP system, and learning to use the system takes less than 15 minutes! Best of all, our Workflow Builder allows you to alternate inbounding processes, adapt seamlessly with ship and packing processes, and can configure license plates on delivery totes.  

Warehouse Robotic automation

Software – 24/7 Worldwide

Our American-based Support teams are vital to our client’s business operations. All Prime Robotics solutions are monitored 24/7, and designed with proactive monitoring systems to identify, evaluate and solve most issues without the need for onsite warehouse engagement. Whether you’re a small or mid-sized warehouse or an enterprise-level company, we provide dedicated support teams to ensure you’re up and running immediately. We’re just a click or phone call away if you have questions of any kind. Give us a shout, we’re here to help! 

MobilePallet is the most durable pallet mover on the market, capable of moving over 4,000 pounds with ease.

MobilePallet Specifications

Drive Power – Lithium Battery 

Speed – 3 MPH 

Collision Avoidance – LIDAR 

Load Capacity – 4,400 Pounds 

Drive Time – 8 hours 

Charge Time – 2 hours 

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