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Warehouse Automation—The Opportunity At Hand

Warehouse automation technologies have been rapidly adopted in North America in recent years. In fact, the North American warehouse robotics market is projected to have a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.2% between 2020-2025. Moreover, North America is expected to have the highest market share in warehouse automation by 2028 due to technological advancements and rising labor costs. 

For E-commerce companies, fulfillment and logistics centers, and manufacturing companies, the message is clear: it’s time to implement warehouse automation technology or risk becoming obsolete by the competition. 

In this article, we take a closer look at how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted fulfillment operations, the increasingly high shipping expectations from customers, and how warehouse owners and managers can solve these issues with automation partnerships. 

COVID-19 Created a Boom in Automated Fulfillment 

Catalyzed by COVID-19, companies are rapidly growing their online business segments. In fact, it’s estimated that the pandemic added $219 billion to U.S. E-commerce sales in 2020-2021. By any measure, COVID-19 has driven more and more sales online, which has resulted in fulfillment demand growing exponentially. 

This boom in fulfillment demand has left many manufacturers and distribution centers scrambling to figure out how to best meet the expectations of their customers. 

The solution that many fulfillment centers are turning too is warehouse automation. Warehouse automation enables the movement of products into, within, and out of distribution centers with minimal human involvement. These cutting-edge automation solutions allow companies to reduce labor-intensive functions involving repetitive human labor such as lifting, sorting, and data entry. 

For example, an autonomous mobile robot in an automated fulfillment center can easily move inventory from a specific location within the warehouse to a specified shipping zone. Simultaneously, automated software keeps track of the exact location of the inventory all along the way so that, if at any point, a person needs to retrieve a specific product, they will have real-time access to source and manage that order. The end result is that autonomous mobile robots dramatically improve the speed, safety, and accuracy of a fulfillment center’s operations, while ultimately affecting bottom line revenue and labor cost savings. 

24-Hour Shipping is a Reality Thanks to Warehouse Automation 

Customer expectations continue to increase when it comes to the delivery of their goods and services. For E-Commerce Customers, 24-hour shipping is becoming the new normal for many products bought online.  

The key question becomes, how do warehouses meet 24-hour shipping expectations in light of the current labor shortage? 

The answer for many warehouses and distribution centers is the introduction of warehouse automation. Previously, the thought of making financial investments in warehouse automation solutions was one of the major obstacles to adoption. However, increasing client demands brought about by labor challenges is starting to turn the tide of cost-consciousness.  

In fact, post-adoption, many manufacturers and warehouses have discovered that these automation solutions have produced greater returns on investment than human workers. The reason for this is scalability and efficiency. By harnessing warehouse automation, you can better scale your operations to meet your customers’ 24-hour shipping expectations. 

Scaling through warehouse automation is not without its challenges, but robust support is available from your trusted warehouse automation solution partner who is an expert at maintaining and optimizing these technologies. With the right automation solutions partner powering your warehouse towards 24-hour fulfillment, the end results are more satisfied customers and new levels of growth for your business.  

Prime Robotics Provides the Best Fit for Your Fulfillment Goals 

At Prime Robotics, our robotic automation solutions enable warehouse, E-Commerce, and fulfillment centers to gain powerful efficiencies and realize substantial cost savings at each point in their fulfillment process.  

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to warehouse automation.  

Rather, our team is dedicated to creating an automation solution that is the right fit you’re your business goals. For some clients, these solutions are implemented at one or more key points in their process. For other clients, we design an end-to-end robotic automation solution to fit their unique needs.  

To better understand how robotic automation can help you meet the fulfillment goals for your business, contact us today! 

 Author – Nate Aswege, VP Sales & Marketing at Prime Robotics 

Prime Robotics Awarded High-Tech Certificate From Chinese Government

High-Tech enterprise certificate_PrimeRobotics

Denver, Colorado – March 8th, 2022 – Prime Robotics ( is honored to have been awarded an Enterprise High-tech Certificate (GR202144205753) by the Chinese Government. The High-Tech Certificate recognizes the development of new fields of technological development, innovation, and industry-changing hardware and software solutions which Prime Robotics is known for both in China and North America. 

The concept of high-tech enterprises can be defined as “Administrative measures for the Recognition of High-tech Enterprises” which was revised by the Chinese government in 2016. This award is divided into 8 categories including Electrical Information, Biology & New Medical, Aerospace, New Materials, High-Tech Service, New Energies, Resource, and Environmental technology. 

“Prime Robotics is extremely honored to have received this award, it’s a testament to the technical innovation and pioneering growth we’re creating for the warehouse, logistics and manufacturing industries,” said Nate Aswege, Prime Robotics Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Nate Aswege. Prime Robotics is quickly rising as a logistics automation leader, and will soon be able to deliver complete end-to-end automation solutions for clients across North America.  High-tech enterprises refers to the continuous research and development and the transformation of technological achievements in the “High-tech fields supported by China.” Learn more about this prestigious award HERE. 

 About Prime Robotics
Founded in 2015, Prime Robotics is an automation company that provides hardware, software, service and support solutions for the Distribution, Warehouse and E-Commerce industries. Our automation tools empower companies to accelerate and optimize their entire value chain, saving time and money at every stage of the process. Prime Robotics is based in Denver, Colorado with additional offices in Shenzhen, China. For more information, visit 

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Press Release | Prime Robotics Building its U.S. Made Robots in its New Denver Manufacturing Facility

Prime Robotics Building its U.S. Made Robotic Warehouse Systems in New Denver Manufacturing Facility


June 23, 2020 – Denver Colorado – Today Prime Robotics announced its new Denver Robot Design and Manufacturing facility is fully operational and all Prime Robotics robots will be developed and assembled onsite. The company’s headquarters are in Denver. Prime Robotics is an innovator in robotic warehouse systems, with AMR robotic solutions designed for optimizing warehouse workflows to deliver 8-10x higher productivity. Adding robots to critical processes has a dramatic impact in terms of boosting efficiency and lowering operational costs.

Available today, Prime Robotics provides specialized robotic warehouse systems for industries including e-commerce fulfillment facilities, retail warehouses, convenience store distributors, grocery distributors, and manufacturing. The company’s facility also includes a fully operational warehouse environment in which its robots are deployed for both in-environment robot testing and real-world customer demonstrations.

Prime Robotics’ CEO and Founder Eric Rongley sees having everything under one roof as a big advantage, “Every day we work where we are developing, iterating, assembling, and evaluating our robots in our warehouse complete with shelves stocked with inventory and picking stations – all within our corporate headquarters. It’s inspiring for me as an innovator to watch every stage of the robot-building process every day.”

Denver is a good location geographically for manufacturing robots built for U.S. customers, with its major transportation connections converging here. Prime Robotics is using its proximity to railroad transportation to its advantage. “Robots are obviously big, heavy equipment and shipping costs to deliver eight or ten or dozens of them to a customer site is a huge expense. We’re taking advantage of the fact that our headquarters is just off the rail line that comes into Denver, so we can transport our customer robots by rail directly from this facility,” says Rongley.

About Prime Robotics Automated Warehouse Systems

The MobileShelf robot is core to warehouse automation: it brings a shelf of inventory to a worker at a pick station to fill an order. This allows workers who usually walk the inventory shelves picking items to remain stationary as inventory comes to them. MobilePallet is a powerful addition to a warehouse. First, a forklift brings palleted goods from a truck at the dock and loads the pallet onto the MobilePallet, which can then autonomously move the pallet through the warehouse without supervision. Visit to learn more, you can read about the company and see videos of the robotic solutions in action at the Denver demo warehouse.

Press Release | Prime Robotics Expands Warehouse Robotic Automation Sales to U.K.


Prime Robotics Expands Mobile Robots for Warehouse Automation Sales to U.K. with its Exclusive Partnership with LAC Group


October 15, 2020 – Denver Colorado – Prime Robotics announced its expansion to the United Kingdom market with an exclusive partnership with LAC Group, a leading designer and manufacturer of conveyor and automation solutions. This partnership enables U.K. logistics, e-commerce retailers, and manufacturers to purchase Prime Robotics’ powerful robotic automation solutions in order to dramatically improve productivity across their operation. Mobile robots for warehouse automation deliver two valuable benefits starting month one: increased output and reduced operational costs.

U.S.-based warehouse robotics builder Prime Robotics designs powerful best-in-class AMR robotic automation solutions for midsize and large warehouse and manufacturing operations. Its robots make it possible to achieve order picking speeds that can increase warehouse productivity 8 to 10x versus manual order picking.

LAC is the ideal partner to lead the sales of Prime Robotics solutions in the U.K. A well-known, forward-leaning innovator, LAC designs and manufactures industrial conveyor solutions that help clients achieve huge operational efficiency gains; they bring automation technical savvy and an unmatched, deep knowledge of the U.K. market. AMR robotic automation has very little penetration in this market today, so the opportunity is ripe to show operators what’s possible with robots like the MobileShelf.

 LAC CEO Chris Unwin sees this partnership as a great fit and perfect timing. “I’m delighted to secure this exclusive partnership with Prime Robotics. Their fantastic range of AMR’s will not only enhance our existing automation offering but contribute towards the goal of growing market share of automation projects within the logistics and manufacturing sectors,” says Unwin.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated changes in consumer purchasing habits that were already moving to more online shopping. For logistics companies, and specifically e-commerce retailers and distribution centers, this has created the perfect storm: fewer workers available to work and an overwhelming increase in the number of orders to be fill. Today these companies are taking a close look at their current manual processes, and know they must respond to this shift in buying behavior that is unlikely to change after the pandemic.

A Prime Robotics warehouse solution enables logistics companies to quickly scale their operations to meet demand without being restrained by limited available labor. This kind of flexibility is essential to minimize operational costs and maximize revenues all 12 months of the year in an industry where demand is constantly changing.

Eric Rongley, Founder and CEO of Prime Robotics is excited to soon see the company’s U.S.-built robots deployed in European markets, starting with the U.K. “I’m proud to have a partnership with LAC that bring our logistics robots to the UK market. Brexit and the pandemic have put strains on supply chains in the UK. Together Prime Robotics and LAC can provide warehouse operators and manufacturers with complete automation solutions made up products that can operate together to maximize productivity by streamlining processes,” says Rongley.

LAC has hit the ground running and is already introducing its clients and the U.K. market to Prime Robotics’ solutions. LAC is planning a fully-functional demonstration facility in London, where LAC is based, that will soon give companies across the region the chance to see the mobile robots for warehouse automation in action firsthand.

Learn more about Prime Robotics, its AMR, and fully autonomous, the company’s self-driving robots that are in development at Learn more about the LAC Group and all the new ways they are driving the robotics industry!

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Press Release | E-Commerce Retailer Deploys Warehouse Robotic Automation

E-Commerce Retailer Increases Orders Fulfilled by 400% In the First Month of Prime Robotics Warehouse Robotics Technology Implementation

May 15, 2020 – Denver Colorado – Today Prime Robotics announced a successful warehouse robotics technology implementation at a leading e-commerce retailer, McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies. In Month One, the McDonald’s distribution center increased order fulfillment velocity 400%, allowing them to scale to keep up with growing sales without adding to its workforce.

Warehouse robotics builder Prime Robotics, based in Denver, Colorado, designs powerful best-in-class robotic automation solutions for midsize and large warehouse operations. Prime Robotics’ robots are able to improve order pick speed to increase warehouse productivity 8 to 10x compared to traditional manual order picking.

McDonald’s President Eugene Khorosh said the they were lucky they had robots in place in March 2020. “When COVID hit, sales for items such as cleaning supplies, safety equipment went through the roof. With our Prime Robotics robots in place, we easily scaled our Philadelphia distribution center, and now one worker can fulfill 1,000+ orders a day. Hiring new folks would have been impossible at the the height of the outbreak,” says Khorosh.

In January 2020, we completed the implementation for the McDonald company in only two weeks. It included Prime Robotics’ MobileShelf AMR robots, Pick Stations, robot recharging stations, and integration with McDonald’s order management system (OMS), SellerCloud, and SAP. Prime’s own user-friendly Robot Control System (RCS) makes re-configuring robot workflows and scaling on-demand easy.

“I realized right away I was in capable hands – the Prime Robotics team opened my eyes to what was possible. They dug into my operation and got to know it inside and out. My biggest fear was it wouldn’t work for us. Our operation has a lot of quirks, but it integrated easily with all the systems I already had,” says Khorosh. Prime Robotics’ 24/7 customer support is unmatched in the industry. That there’s a real person always monitoring every robot gives customers peace of mind.

At a time when warehouse operators are facing the imperative to ‘automate or die,’ Prime Robotics is seen as a trusted automation partner. “We allow companies that may lack a bench of in-house optimization and automation experts to punch above their weight,” says Eric Rongley, Prime Robotics’ Founder and CEO. “We are helping companies like McDonald win big as e-commerce continues its unprecedented growth.”

Prime Robotics has deep expertise in warehouse optimization, and its consultative, full-view approach focuses on optimizing workflow processes across the entire warehouse. Today the MobilePallet robot can move over 3,000 lbs. of palleted goods through the warehouse unmanned, and there are multiple new robots available in 2021. Always innovating, the AutoShelf, a self-driving robot that can autonomously navigate truck loading and unloading is in the works now. To learn About Prime Robotics or request a warehouse robotic automation solutions demo, go to

AMR Autoshelf

Press Release | Prime Robotics Launches AutoShelf, a Revolutionary Robotics Platform for Warehouses

March 9, 2020 – Today Prime Robotics launched AutoShelf, a revolutionary new warehouse robot platform. This AMR AutoShelf overcomes the inherent compromises of other autonomous mobile robots (AMR) systems due to its fully patented design that integrates a mobile robot with every shelf in the system.

These smart, autonomous shelves provide for greater productivity versus previous goods-to-person AMR solutions because they eliminate dwell time in which workers are waiting for a handful of mobile robots to bring moveable shelves/racks to them at a pick station. Each AutoShelf also has integrated lights to provide pick-to-light functionality.

Goods-to-person AMRs reduce travel compared to manual order picking because the worker stays stationary and the robots bring inventory to them. The downfall for most existing goods-to-person AMR deployments is the limited number of robots to transport dumb racks. Because there are a limited number of robots, the servers have the intelligence built-in to control the robots. This optimizes the location of the times to reduce the number of missions the robots need to perform and shorten the distance on the fastest moving items.

“Auto Shelf turns this paradigm on its head by making every shelf a robot that has intelligence and can interact directly with workers. Since every shelf is smart and can move, there is never dwell time.”

“While the first version of our AMR AutoShelf will be highly productive, the inherent form factor and design provide a platform that will be extended and take on functions and capabilities that no other warehouse robot can accomplish,” adds Rongley.

“AutoShelf represents a paradigm shift that will change how inventory is handled,” says Rongley.  “Just as importantly, because Prime Robotics has created a unique new robotic platform and patented all aspects of warehouse and other use cases, large customers can deploy the system with confidence that not only do they have the most efficient robot system but also that the intellectual property of the robot is clean.”

Prime is launching AutoShelf at the MODEX trade show in Atlanta on March 9 and will start taking orders for implementations beginning in Q2 of 2020.

Learn more about Prime Robotics and Founder/CEO Eric Rongley.