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Pallet Moving Robots Are Game Changers – And Easy to Implement Fast

Pallet moving robots are a powerful addition to a warehouse operation. When using robots, the efficiency gains are indisputable. Even if you don’t have immediate plans to add robotic automation to your order picking process, you can still leverage the benefits with pallet moving robots. These robots improve the workflow at the transport dock – […]

Press Release | Prime Robotics Building its U.S. Made Robots in its New Denver Manufacturing Facility

Prime Robotics Building its U.S. Made Robotic Warehouse Systems in New Denver Manufacturing Facility   June 23, 2020 – Denver Colorado – Today Prime Robotics announced its new Denver Robot Design and Manufacturing facility is fully operational and all Prime Robotics robots will be developed and assembled onsite. The company’s headquarters are in Denver. Prime […]

Press Release | Prime Robotics Expands Warehouse Robotic Automation Sales to U.K.

  Prime Robotics Expands Mobile Robots for Warehouse Automation Sales to U.K. with its Exclusive Partnership with LAC Group   October 15, 2020 – Denver Colorado – Prime Robotics announced its expansion to the United Kingdom market with an exclusive partnership with LAC Group, a leading designer and manufacturer of conveyor and automation solutions. This […]

Press Release | E-Commerce Retailer Deploys Warehouse Robotic Automation

E-Commerce Retailer Increases Orders Fulfilled by 400% In the First Month of Prime Robotics Warehouse Robotics Technology Implementation May 15, 2020 – Denver Colorado – Today Prime Robotics announced a successful warehouse robotics technology implementation at a leading e-commerce retailer, McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies. In Month One, the McDonald’s distribution center increased order fulfillment […]

Press Release | Prime Robotics Launches AutoShelf, a Revolutionary Robotics Platform for Warehouses

March 9, 2020 – Today Prime Robotics launched AutoShelf, a revolutionary new warehouse robot platform. This AMR AutoShelf overcomes the inherent compromises of other autonomous mobile robots (AMR) systems due to its fully patented design that integrates a mobile robot with every shelf in the system. These smart, autonomous shelves provide for greater productivity versus […]