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Implement robots in your warehouse now. Even if you need to update your WMS?  Yes!

    What is WMS Paralysis?  Believing you can’t even consider implementing automated warehouse robots until you’ve updated your outdated Warehouse Management System (WMS). Waiting to initiate automated warehouse robots is a mistake. Many warehouse operators lament that although they know they need to get started down the path to automating their warehouse. However, they […]


BLOG – Robot Leasing Starter Package priced under $9K/mo.

  I have to say we’re pretty excited about our new robotic automation Lease Starter Package! Since the start at Prime Robotics, we’ve been focused on putting robotic automation within reach of warehouses, no matter their size. Warehouse robotic automation became Amazon’s paradigm-shifting advantage when its Kiva AMR robots changed everything about how they filled […]


5 Misconceptions Keeping Warehouses from Adding Robotic Automation Now

It’s undeniable that a warehouse that’s automated out-competes a manual operation. We see productivity improve by up to 8x, while at the same time costs are cut in half after implementing robots. Those warehouses that lag in adopting automation will find it hard to survive in a market where competitors are operating at maximum efficiency because their processes have been automated. Automated warehouses will rise to become market leaders.

So, to compete and thrive, the question isn’t whether you should automate, but when. Today robotic automation adoption is still in its early stages. Forward-leaning operations are the first to embrace it. As an early mover, you will have a competitive advantage over companies that are late to the game.

There are some common misconceptions cause warehouse operators to hesitate when it comes to moving toward robotic automation, from thinking it will be expensive to worrying the impact on their employees.