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MobileShelf improves warehouse
productivity 8-10x

Robotic Automation
for Warehouses

Warehouse Robotic Automation MobileShelf
MobileShelf - warehouse robotic automation

MobileShelf delivers the fastest robotic automation for warehouses today.

Improve warehouse productivity 8– 10x over manual picking

  • Workers can make 300-350 picks per hour
  • Dramatically reduces demand for manual labor
  • Training is fast and it’s easy to operate
  • Deploy with minimal operation disruption
  • Scale easily to meet changing demand
  • 24/7 active robot monitoring by our Denver-based Support Team

MobileShelf robots automate the warehouse. Do more without adding workers and without adding square footage.

Learn about MobilePallet, our robotic pallet mover that operates without supervision and can work in concert with MobileShelf.

Experience Warehouse Robotic Automation at its Best

An optimized warehouse demands the best robotic technology and the right people. 

We’ve taken best-in-class AMR technology and added Prime Robotics’ powerful software. Our proprietary Prime Workflow Builder automatically builds workflows to optimize your processes, and it actually learns new ways to gain efficiencies across your operation over time.

No need for workers to walk the warehouse aisles anymore

MobileShelf empowers workers to be much more productive.

Every robot is monitored in real-time by our US-based 24/7 Customer Support team.

We’ve got you covered, no matter what.

How MobileShelf works

Workers at a stationary Pick Station pick items from mobile shelving units that come to them. A MobileShelf warehouse typically includes a fleet of 12 to 40 robots. Inventory is stored in movable shelves.

Our robot picks up a shelf containing the item requested and transports it to the Pick Station. There the worker picks it from the shelf and adds it in the order bin. With the pick complete, the MobileShelf robot takes the shelf away to place it back in inventory.

Maximize each picker’s productivity for efficiency

Multiple MobileShelf robots form a continual queue at a Pick Station. A worker never has to wait for the next shelf with the next order item to arrive. There is a dramatic reduction in dwell time between picks because a picker remains stationary at the Pick Station. Up to 350 picks an hour per worker is possible.

Increase # of orders with same number of workers

An operation likely has multiple Pick Stations operating at the same time, so multiple orders are fulfilled at once. Workers who pick manually experience physical fatigue continually walking the warehouse floors. Now workers can remain stationary at Pick Station and fulfill orders in a fraction of the time.

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E-Commerce Retailer Increases Orders Fulfilled by 400% In Month One

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Let’s start a conversation. Ask us anything, we enjoy sharing all we know about robotic automation.

The Prime Workflow Builder

Optimize your processes for highest efficiency order output

Our Workflow Builder provides infinite flexibility to tailor robot behavior to your business processes. We built our Workflow Builder tool to make every step of the order fulfillment process as efficient as it can be.

Our tool takes hundreds of data points about your operation into account to determine the optimal inbound processes, robot traffic patterns, pick station locations, inventory storage rules, picking station locations, and even recommends the ideal number of pickers per shift. And that’s just the start. It actually learns as robots work, discovering new efficiencies and adding them to your workflow automatically.

The Prime Workflow Builder is part of every solution we implement.

After we’ve set it up to optimize your warehouse as part of your implementation, we show you how to use it so you can quickly tailor your robotic automation solution to adapt to changes in your operation yourself.

Workflow Builder is user friendly and designed to make your automated warehouse future-proof. It allows you to easily scale productivity — whether it’s adding workers, shifts or additional robots. And don’t forget, we’re always here to guide you when you need us!

robotic automation for warehouses
robotic automation for whouses customer support

Steph Crabtree leads the Customer Support Team in Denver, CO

Our Customer Support is Unmatched

We monitor every robot 24/7 for you

Our dedicated Support Team monitors every robot 24/7 and can resolve a potential issue before it affects your operations. You can reach us any time — we’re your automation partner for the long-haul.

We leverage our software-building expertise

We design our robust Robot Control System (RCS) to ensure we always have a real-time view of every MobileShelf robot. When a robot cannot recover from an error on its own (or shouldn’t without human verification) one of our on-call Support Engineers is alerted in real time—no matter the time of day.

We can directly communicate with each one of your robots to help your team solve a problem or we can take action remotely for you. We’re always a click or call away—any worker can reach us for any reason from a Pick Station.

Our robots are designed to recover from most navigational and operational errors by themselves. When a robot cannot recover from an error (or should not without human verification) one of our on-call Support Engineers is alerted in real time—no matter the time of day.

From the MobileShelf app, any warehouse employee can instantly notify one of our Support Experts to get immediate attention to resolve an issue.

The Mobile Shelf warehouse robots are always ready to work. When they run low on charge, they automatically dock at a recharge station to top off their battery ensuring they can always be assigned missions with a moment’s notice.

Our server-side architecture and Robot Control System are built with data backups and failover options to preserve uninterrupted operations. Our Always-On monitoring and support fixes most issues before anyone at the warehouse notices them.

Our robots are CE certified. Our robots come equipped with on-board obstacle detection and automatic Emergency stop functions. The entire MobileShelf system stops all movement when the E-stop button is hit at any pick station, or on the Floor Manager application. Using the app, a worker can temporarily block off any section(s) of the warehouse floor, preventing robots from driving in those areas.

Our service and preventative maintenance plan includes semi-annual visits and training for onsite tech partners.

In the event of an issue that may have significant impact on a client’s operation, our Service Level Agreement (SLA) includes provisions for our Support Team to travel to your site immediately to address the issue.

Our robots accept OTA (over the air) software upgrades automatically. A customer is not impacted by the upgrade process. Server updates are also handled remotely, and our virtual server backup prevents downtime.