AMR Autoshelf

Press Release | Prime Robotics Launches AutoShelf, a Revolutionary Robotics Platform for Warehouses

March 9, 2020 – Today Prime Robotics launched AutoShelf, a revolutionary new warehouse robot platform. This AMR AutoShelf overcomes the inherent compromises of other autonomous mobile robots (AMR) systems due to its fully patented design that integrates a mobile robot with every shelf in the system.

These smart, autonomous shelves provide for greater productivity versus previous goods-to-person AMR solutions because they eliminate dwell time in which workers are waiting for a handful of mobile robots to bring moveable shelves/racks to them at a pick station. Each AutoShelf also has integrated lights to provide pick-to-light functionality.

Goods-to-person AMRs reduce travel compared to manual order picking because the worker stays stationary and the robots bring inventory to them. The downfall for most existing goods-to-person AMR deployments is the limited number of robots to transport dumb racks. Because there are a limited number of robots, the servers have the intelligence built-in to control the robots. This optimizes the location of the times to reduce the number of missions the robots need to perform and shorten the distance on the fastest moving items.

“Auto Shelf turns this paradigm on its head by making every shelf a robot that has intelligence and can interact directly with workers. Since every shelf is smart and can move, there is never dwell time.”

“While the first version of our AMR AutoShelf will be highly productive, the inherent form factor and design provide a platform that will be extended and take on functions and capabilities that no other warehouse robot can accomplish,” adds Rongley.

“AutoShelf represents a paradigm shift that will change how inventory is handled,” says Rongley.  “Just as importantly, because Prime Robotics has created a unique new robotic platform and patented all aspects of warehouse and other use cases, large customers can deploy the system with confidence that not only do they have the most efficient robot system but also that the intellectual property of the robot is clean.”

Prime is launching AutoShelf at the MODEX trade show in Atlanta on March 9 and will start taking orders for implementations beginning in Q2 of 2020.

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