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Warehouse Robotic Automation MobileShelf

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Prime Robotics provides solutions to

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& cost savings.

Warehouse Robotic Automation Solutions

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Our end-to-end robotic solutions combine software that is smart & simple, with the same robotic hardware used to power the largest E-Commerce warehouses in the world.

Our Leasing Starter Package includes 10 Robots, Shelving, Integrations, Implementations, Training, 24/7 Customer Support and more. Click below to learn more and contact us today!

Our Complete Robotic Automation Solutions Are Tailored To Your Operation

Multiple Robots Work in Concert in a Warehouse Environment

MobileShelf - warehouse robotic automation

The fastest robotic picking AMR solution for warehouses today

Improve warehouse productivity 8 – 10x over manual picking

  • Workers can make 300-350 picks per hour
  • Dramatically reduces demand for manual labor
  • Training is fast and it’s easy to operate
  • Deploy with minimal operation disruption
AMR for warehsouses MobileShelf
MobilePallet for warehouse automation pallet moving

MobilePallet warehouse robotic automation
Dramatically reduce demand for forklifts and number of human touches

  • Load & unload trucks faster
  • Palleted inventory can move autonomously to storage or pick station
  • Sequence movements for higher efficiency

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