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Warehouse Robotic Automation

Warehouse Robotic Automation MobileShelf

Robots don’t design automation solutions, people do.

We’re your Hands-on Warehouse Robotic Automation Experts

We ID the areas to optimize efficiency across your operation.

We craft a custom robotic automation solution that builds on these new-found efficiencies.

This is how we deliver productivity gains beyond what’s possible by simply adding robots.

Prime Robotics brings the human side to robotics.

Robotic Automation Solutions for the Warehouse

MobileShelf - warehouse robotic automation

MobileShelf is the fastest robotic picking AMR solution for warehouses today.

Improve warehouse productivity 8 – 10x over manual picking

  • Workers can make 300-350 picks per hour
  • Dramatically reduces demand for manual labor
  • Training is fast and it’s easy to operate
  • Deploy with minimal operation disruption

MobileShelf + Warehouse Optimization Expertise + our proprietary Prime Workflow Builder allows us to achieve higher productivity.

MobilePallet for warehouse automation pallet moving

MobilePallet warehouse robotic automation

Automate pallet moving to increase warehouse efficiency.

  • Dramatically reduce demand for forklifts and number of human touches.
  • MobilePallet and MobileShelf can work in concert to create a highly efficient automated warehouse.


We start with something
decidedly low tech: we listen.

We ask what you want to achieve and we learn about your unique warehouse operation, then we build out an initial robotic automation plan and a budget to help you envision what’s possible – and there’s no obligation. People find our transparency refreshing. Our goal is to earn your trust, and we wouldn’t want to work any other way. Learn more about us.

Prime Robots brings the human side to robotics.

“We’re our customers’ trusted, straight-talking partner – they know we’ll never stop finding ways to drive even more efficiency from their operation.”

Eric Rongley, CEO, Prime Robotics

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Steve Hobbs,
Automation Consultant

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